We believe that children are one of the most precious gifts God has blessed us with. We believe that a Godly foundation in their lives is the most important thing we can teach them. Our leaders take this task very seriously, and we do our very best to build that foundation for our precious children. Thank you for trusting us with your blessings!

To accomplish these goals we strive to provide our children with many engaging and age-appropriate activities. We now have four age groups to teach kids Biblical concepts in a way that reaches them best. Our Growers (ages 0-2), Jumpers (ages 3-5), Movers (ages 6-8), and Shakers (ages 9-12). We want to help kids grow in their relationship with God so they can jump up and move and shake this world for Jesus!

Please see any of our kids’ ministry leaders below for more information or just to talk.


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