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The Season of Lent and Holy Week

Holy Week

Holy Week is a very special week around CCC. There are several events throughout the week that make it a special time of remembrance. Though we call it Holy "Week", it all actually starts about 45 days before on Ash Wednesday. This ceremony marks the beginning of the season of Lent.

We then celebrate Palm Sunday, Seder Dinner, and Easter Sunday. We believe the death and resurrection of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, is vital in the salvation of men and should be remembered and celebrated by all Christians around the world.

Seder Dinner
known as Seder Dinner. This is done on "Maundy" Thursday. We take this time to eat a fully kosher Jewish Passover in remembrance of our heritage and what God did for the Israelites to prepare them ultimately for the true sacrifice, Jesus Christ. We do make some adjustments to the ceremony because we understand our Saviour, Jesus Christ, has already come. Many in our church body consider this one of their favorite nights of the year - it is truly special!

Mission Trip

+ Teams

Teams are assigned on the first evening and they work together during the week on job sites and get to know each other through

+ Job Sites

We're here to help homeowners who are unable to do things themselves with jobs from yard clean-up projects to minor home repairs to painting inside and out.

+ Worship

Nightly worship is one of the most special parts of the week.  It's amazing how life-changing spending this much time with God can be!

+ Games & Team Time

Part of Mission Trip is getting to know others with who we might not be as familiar.  Team building games and competitions help with this as well as make our evenings fun.