Our Ministries
Kids in Motion: All Kids Through Grade 6

Our Children Ministry’s ultimate purpose is to show our children the love of Jesus and to show them how to shine that love through themselves.

We believe that children are one of the most precious gifts God has blessed us with. We believe that a Godly foundation in their lives is the most important thing we can teach them. Our leaders take this task very seriously, and we do our very best to build that foundation for our precious children. Thank you for trusting us with your blessings!
IGNITE Students: All Students in Grades 7-12

Our youth program helps teens and tweens grow as Jesus did, “in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man” (Luke 2:52), along with a healthy dose of fun.

We believe that all young men and women deserve the opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ in a supportive, caring environment. At church, youth can find new friends, develop skills and talents, and build their relationships with God—all while having fun and making lasting memories. 
Women's Ministry

Supporting, educating, and encouraging each other in ministry and beyond. Our purpose is to equip women for…

LIFE, by providing opportunities for personal growth, believing that every women is valued as a role model of Biblical truth to her family, her work, her church, and her community.
MINISTRY, by engaging them in fruitful and fulfilling service to our Lord, believing that every woman is gifted by God and should have the opportunity to develop that gift.
Men's Ministry

Our Goal is to be and reproduce men after God’s own heart.

The Men’s Ministry of Coast Community Church has been an active, vital, loving part of the church’s ministry since CCC’s beginnings over 10 years ago. Our aspiration is the active pursuit of men in order to connect them to God, His Word, and other men for the purpose of winning, growing, and training them in Christ.
Other Ministries

At Coast Community Church, we strive to find ways for everyone to fit in. You can join the Hospitality Team, Prayer Team, Breakfast Team, or find another way to serve with others.

We’ll help you find where you’re talented and where you can learn, grow, teach, and share with others in our church and community.

Creative Ministries

Worship Team
Puppet Ministry
Sign Language Ministry

Ministry Leaders

  • Deen Brashear

    Deen Brashear

    Apostle | Founder

  • Joel Smith

    Joel Smith

    Senior Leader

  • Troy Hill

    Troy Hill


  • George Black

    George Black

    Elder | Men's Minister

  • Cindy Cameron

    Cindy Cameron


  • Rebecca Ray

    Rebecca Ray

    Teacher | Youth Minister

  • Josh Brashear

    Josh Brashear


  • Tommy Cupples

    Tommy Cupples

    Men's Minister

  • Cheryl Black

    Cheryl Black

    Women's Minister

  • Beth Koger

    Beth Koger

    Women's Minister

  • Kirstin Lott

    Kirstin Lott

    Children's Minister

  • Phillip Fontes

    Phillip Fontes

    Youth Ministry | Worship

  • Josh Dacus

    Josh Dacus

    Prayer Minister | Worship Team

  • Maria Dacus

    Maria Dacus

    Puppet Minister | AVLT

  • Erin Brashear

    Erin Brashear

    Worship | Event Coordinator

  • Shelli Cupples

    Shelli Cupples

    Hospitality Minister